Congrats to Ethan on his First Solo

Big Cheers for Ethan on his First Solo, just shortly after his 16th Birthday!  What a great way to start the day with a very early morning flight and being up there alone for the first time.  Ethan is following in his Dad’s footsteps as a professional aviator and his instructor Joanne Swanson is creating a well-trained, confident pilot!

Yay Lauren on her First Solo!

Lauren just graduated from Tantasqua High School and is off to University of North Dakota in the Fall to pursue a professional aviation career!  She’s been training with us part-time during the school year and now she’s going full-bore to earn her Private Pilot certificate before she heads West.  Her first solo on a calm evening as the sun sets is a great way to reach that goal.  She’s already started on the cross-country flights!

Congrats to James on his First Solo

James is part of an extended flying family that owns multiple airplanes, so it was high time he joined their ranks.  He’s well on his way towards private pilot after a flawless first solo in their gorgeous Skyhawk.  James is a smooth, proficient pilot thanks to the great instuction and encouragement from his CFI Joanne Swanson.