Kevin has over 4000 hours instructing in all sorts of aircraft and has been training pilots for over 30 years.  in 2015 he left the corporate world and started Norby Aviation LLC to focus 100% of his energy on providing the best flight training experience possible while emphasizing airmanship, stick and rudder skills, decision-making and most importantly fun and adventure.  He is an active member of SAFE, EAA and AOPA, and was recognized as a Distinguished Instructor in AOPA’s 2018 Flight Training Poll.  Whether you fly with Kevin or not, he is personally involved in the customer experience of every student and in setting and maintaining the high standards that Norby Aviation graduates are known for.



Noah Putnam  CFIA


We are excited to have Noah join our instructor team!  Noah is a recent graduate of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and a Commercial multi-engine rated pilot.   Noah earned his CFI-Airplane certificate with us, so he fits well with our philosophy of providing the most thorough, professional, and personal flight training to each of our students.  We’ve also improved our procedures and methods based on Noah’s experience and training at ERAU.




Joanne Swanson  CFII-A


Joanne started her career in IT management, but quickly decided her office should be the Flight Deck.  She earned her Commercial single and multi-engine certificates in Florida and added Flight Instructor Airplane and Instrument Instructor  ratings in CT.  Joanne is a smooth and thoughtful pilot and a dedicated and caring instructor that will help you reach your goals quickly and safely.