Training Programs

Ground School

We provide scenario-based practical ground training as part of every flight lesson.  To help obtain the knowledge and pass the FAA written exam we suggest students take one of the well-produced online ground schools to complete while progressing through their flight training.

Sport Pilot

We can provide training towards a Sport Pilot certificate  in our Cessna C150.  The student will need to complete the last few hours of training and take the practical test in a LSA (Light Sport Aircraft).

Private Pilot

The Private Pilot Certificate is the primary goal for most student pilots. It allows them to take passengers, fly at night, up to 18,000′ altitude, and fly almost anywhere in the world.  Our proven training program will give you the tools to use your new skills with confidence!  Training is in our C172 Skyhawk and with Marlboro’s non-towered environment you’ll spend more time in the air saving you time and money.


InstrSeminole Panelument Rating

The Instrument rating is the next step for pilots who want extra confidence and safety to get the most utility out of their aircraft.  It takes 40 hours of controlling the aircraft solely by instrument references, and learning how to efficiently use the national airspace (ATC) system.  Our Piper Cherokee and Cessna Skyhawk are IFR certified and equipped with all the systems needed to pass your checkride.  Plus, our FAA approved Flight Simulator is qualified for up to ten hours of training.


Stall/Spin Awareness

Edge of the EnvelopeA unique, personalized 3 hour course in advanced stalls, extreme slow flight, emergency procedures, and short field landing techniques.  Add a 2-hour Spins module for the ultimate skills and confidence booster. We also offer CFI-required FAA Spin Endorsements in our Cessna 172.

Proficiency and Reviews

We provide Biennial Flight Reviews, Instrument Proficiency Checks, and FAA Wings achievements in our airplane or yours, including tail-wheel and complex aircraft.  We can custom tailor a proficiency program or help get rusty pilots back in form and certified to fly again safely.

Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA) and Cirrus Transition 

We offer TAA training (10 hours needed for Commercial Pilot) and Cirrus Transistion training (IFR and VFR)  is our Cirrus SR20.  Rentals are allowed for those that complete the training and maintain proficiency by flying at least one hour per month.