2001 Cirrus SR20 200HP Technically Advanced Aircraft N550JG

Our newest aircraft is loaded with glass avionics and equipped with an Avidyne MFD, Dual digital touchscreen IFD440 Navigators, Digital Engine Instrumentation, and STEC 55X autopilot for fully coupled IFR GPSS navigation and approaches.  It has integrated ADSB In/Out, Traffic and Weather avoidance and built in Jeppesen Charts!  Satisfies the Commercial requirement for 10 hours in a Technically Advanced Aircraft.  It cruises 150 KTS and has a 600 mile range.


Cessna Skyhawk C172N with 180HP Conversion N9867J

Our workhorse is great for primary and instrument training as it’s loaded with features and equipped for IFR GPS navigation and approaches.  It has the Penn-Yan 180HP SuperHawk Conversion increasing gross weight to 2550 lbs. so it can carry four adults plus fuel and bags.  It cruises 125 KTS and has a 500 mile range.

Piper PA28-140 Cherokee Cruiser N55716      

The Cherokee family is known for easy, smooth flying qualities and makes a great platform for Instrument Training or Cross-country flights.  Ours is equipped with a Garmin GNS430W for instrument approaches down to 300 feet at many airports thanks to GPS WAAS precision.  It has two additional GPS units and a Garmin G5 electronic attitude indicator which make for a great introduction to glass cockpit technology.  It cruises 125 MPH and has a 600 mile range.

N55716 Weight & Balance

Cessna C150L 2-seat Trainer  N16177

The Cessna 150 is the best training aircraft ever developed.  It has created more pilots worldwide than any other airplane.   Our C150 is a very low-time original airplane with newly overhauled 100 HP Continental O-200 engine.   Perfect for building experience and short cross-country flights with friends once you get your pilot’s certificate!  The C150 carries two adults plus fuel and bags.  It cruises 100 MPH and has a 500 mile range.









N16177 Weight & Balance