See what our Customers told AOPA about our Flight School and Instructors

“Norby Aviation LLC is a growing, thriving school with satisfied students, a variety of available training aircraft, and most importantly great instructors.”

“The school takes good care of its aircraft and facilities. There is a simulator. The school hosts events and is actively pursuing to host more.”

“The mix of planes and number of planes/instructors is very convenient.  After getting checked out it is pretty easy to rent a plane when I want to. “

“Kevin is a great instructor.  He is very personable and easy to work with.  This is his career, he is not building time to go somewhere else. He and his flight school are an asset to our airport.”

“They are a small school that caters to the best practical flying instruction. This is like one-on-one training.”

“Kevin is very clear with instructions for lessons and objectives for each training session. He is good at breaking subjects down into very easy to understand parts. I have worked with other instrument flight instructors but Kevin is the best to work with because he is very encouraging and patient. It makes the learning fun and easy.”

“Norby Aviation allows students to progress at their own rate. Prices are reasonable and my instructor is very effective. Scheduling lessons is easy as it is done by the student online using Flight Circle. There are now three aircraft and three instructors so it is likely that you can book a lesson whenever it is convenient.”

“After passing my check ride I switched schools to continue training and transition to high wing aircraft.  Kevin helped me make the transition through thorough explanations of the differences between aircraft and quickly identifying where adjustments were needed to transition safely.”

“Kevin displays a high level of competence and patience. He never rushes things along and leads by example regarding safety matters and aeronautical decision making.”

“Kevin is an incredibly knowledgeable instructor. As a rusty pilot, he not only helped me achieve my required endorsements but also taught me things I had never learned in the past.”

“Very easy going one of the best instructors I have had in many years of flying.”