FAQ – Read First!

We are a multiple award winning AOPA recognized flight school operating from Southbridge Municipal Airport (3B0) with four aircraft and two full-time instructors.  Our track record of graduating students and creating new pilots is well-known throughout New England and we are waitlisting new students based on their aptitude, potential, and ability to rapidly pursue a rigorous program to achieve their goals.  We also offer transistion and advanced training in our Cirrus SR20 for experienced pilots.

Do you offer Rentals to transient pilots or Non-Students?

No, our structure, insurance, and schedule do not allow us.

Do you offer Introductory, Discovery or Scenic Flights?

No – we only offer flight training for enrolled students pursuing a certificate or rating.  If you do not have experience with being up in light general aviation aircraft there are many places that offer these experiences.

How much does a Private Pilot Certificate cost?

You can not Buy a pilot certificate.  It must be earned by self-discipline, thorough study, repeated practice, and immersing yourself in the world of aviation.  Each student must meet the FAA experience requirements and performance standards before we recommend them for their flight test.   The best performing students can expect to spend $20,000 or more to achieve this.

What are the Requirements for a Cirrus Transition?

Pilots with 10 hours or more in a SR20 or SR22  should expect a 5-hour transition course with us.  Pilots with a Private or higher certificate and no Cirrus experience are required to do 10 hours with us befoer solo flights are allowed.