Dan’s First Solo!

Congrats to Dan who had the unique thrill of soloing his own plane on a clear winter evening.  Dan has flown our C172 and C150 but it wasn’t until he bought a beautiful Cessna 150 H model that everything fell into place.  Great job on three near-perfect landings and to his instructor Joanne for helping him reach this milestone!

Luis Solos in Piper Cherokee

Luis did a picture perfect set of landings just before sunset in our PA28-140 Cherokee.  After enduring several lessons with gusty winds we got a couple of really nice evenings that got him over the hump and he did three of the nicest solo landings I’ve ever seen that proved he was more than ready.

Mark Aces Private Pilot Checkride

Congrats to Mark on acing his Private Pilot Checkride in his beautiful Cessna A152 Aerobat.  It was a gusty, windy day and the examiner commented that he handled the aircraft really well, thanks to the excellent training from our instructors.  Now he needs to buy a couple of parachutes so we can do loops and rolls in his plane!

Dave solos in Cherokee 140!

Congrats to David who completed three silky smooth solo landings in our Cherokee on a sunny Saturday morning.  After not flying for a month due to weather and the airplane getting the new ADS-B transponder installed, he immediately got into the groove and was making nice, safe approaches and landings even with some thermals and crosswinds.  So I said “what the hell am I sitting here for?” and got out so he could do some even nicer ones on his own!

Greg solos in Cessna 150

Congrats to Greg who soloed our C150 just before it went in for annual inspection in August.  He did it again when the plane came out proving it wasn’t a  fluke.  Now onto the cross-country flights!

Steven Aces Private Pilot Checkride

Congratulations to Steven, our newest aviator who smoothly piloted our PA28-140 Cherokee to earn his Private Pilot Certificate on June 26th!

It was a pleasure to work with Steven who  soaked up knowledge quickly and did the maneuvers and procedures just like we demonstrated, which allowed him to breeze through the oral and flight test in near record time.  The perfect summer day with light winds also helped!

Darrin achieves Private Pilot!

Congratulations to new Private Pilot Darrin who sneaked in his check-ride just before the thunderstorms in our C150.  Celebrating the accomplishment is examiner Daryl Smith with an appropriate elbow bump. Way to go Darrin!

Scott achieves Private Pilot Certificate

Scott passed his Private check-ride on March 31st, so congratulations to our newest Private Pilot!  Flying his own C172, affectionately aka “The Dirty Bird”, he completed his ride with examiner Daryl Smith at Groton, CT on the last day before his knowledge test expired and in the midst of the COV pandemic.  We all wish Scott lots of safe adventures as he enjoys his newfound freedom.   Well done and thanks to CFI Nick Drane for getting him across the finish line in the nick of time!


Kerry solos in her C172

Despite being the coldest day of the year, the new oil heating pad that was installed last week on Kerry and Eric’s beautiful 1966 C172 Skyhawk did its job and Kerry took advantage of the cold, high pressure air and clear skies to complete her first solo landings.  She’ll now get to enjoy the snowscape scenery on her upcoming Cross Country adventures!  Congrats Kerry!