Kyle solos in Cessna 172

Congrats to Kyle who achieved his first Solo in our C172 – N19648.  We finally got a calm evening after a few lessons of windy weather and he was walking on air after he did a couple of patterns without that nagging instructor in the airplane.  Time to move on to the cross-country flights!

Congratulations to Leo on achieving Private Pilot!

Examiner Daryl Smith congratulates Leo after a well executed check ride in our Cessna 150.  Leo’s enthusiasm, attitude, and thoughtful demeanor made a good impression, along with his excellent stick and rudder skills!  Now he’s able to give rides to his family and friends and explore all around New England and beyond.  Well done Leo!

Eric – New Private Pilot!

Eric achieved his Private Pilot Certificate on March 9, 2019 after a flawless checkride with Examiner Daryl Smith.  The entire staff at Norby Aviation enjoyed helping Eric reach his goal and watching him grow into a great pilot!  Eric is now planning trips all over New England to explore his new freedom and build-up those cross-country hours.

Please congratulate Eric on his well-deserved accomplishment!

Doug Solo’s in the Cherokee 140

Just in time to beat the winter storm, Doug executed three great landings under increasing crosswinds in N55716, our PA28-140 Cherokee.  After several lessons confined to the pattern, he’ll be happy to start making right turns again and get away from home base to new destinations!

First Solo in C150 for Leo

Leo became our first student to solo N16177 on 2/28/18 at our new Southbridge location and made it look easy.  With moderate winds he made three great approaches and landings, the last one so perfect you couldn’t even hear the wheels touch the runway.  Great job Leo and now on to cross-country fun!

Oliver Collins – Private Pilot

Oliver Checkride


Oliver Collins achieved his Private Pilot Certificate on June 30, 2015 with Examiner Marc Nathanson. Oliver is putting his new license to good use as he’s completed over 30 Cross-country hours since then including a solo trip to Lake Placid to hone his mountain flying skills.

Please congratulate Oliver on his well-deserved accomplishment!


Greg Berghorn – Private Pilot

Greg B PPT Checkride
Greg Berghorn achieved his Private Pilot Certificate on August 26, 2015 with Examiner Marc Nathanson.  Greg flew N19648 to Minuteman Airfield as Marc had another checkride scheduled that morning.   With Greg’s training at Marlboro he never used the second half of their runway!

Please congratulate Greg on his well-earned accomplishment!